Here’s your snack buddy or how to make your pet a technology pet

We do love our pets. If it is a dog, we take it for a walk, let it run in the park unleashed; if it is a cat, we let it take a nap on our lap. What do you do if you have to go on some trip? Leave the poor soul alone without its treats and your soft murmur? Well, someone has got the solution.

A company in Minnesota has created a device  which enables you to communicate with your pet from any place around the world and give him or her a treat. It it called PetChatz and works like Skype: you can have a video call and make the machine dispense some snacks.  Could it be any better? Your pet will not suffer mood swings because you will be always by her side, or rather mounted on the wall.

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Hello World and goodbye Aartemis

My first blog is about technology or rather computers and the Internet. Today’s topic is aartimis, a search engine, which you can access directly from any internet browser. The reason why I want to talk about this search engine which looks rather interesting and attractive is that it is distributed in unacceptable ways. Aartemis, or, is reported to hijack Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, which results in the changes of the home page, new tab, and search provider.

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