Bueno Search: a wolf in sheep’s clothing or how to remove it

Bueno Search, or buenosearch.com, is a search engine which is distributed by a browser toolbar. The application works on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The issue regarding the distribution of the toolbar and the changes made of the browsers is not new. Bueno Search is known to have gained speed in September 2013.  However, a month later the the interest in the search engine decreased. It continued until December 2013. A month later, another wave of users’  interest in the search engine was noticed.

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Oh no! Ellen DeGeneres takes the wrong phone

If you are a fan of Ellen DeGeneres (and the Oscar Ceremony),  you must know the viral picture taken backstage. Happy, beautiful people are smiling at a mobile device. What device? Well, Samsung was one of the sponsors of the even. It sponsored a series of backstage selfies. However, it turned out that the famous selfie that hit the record on Twitter was taken on an iPhone. O-M-G!!!

Samsung vs iPhone

Samsung vs iPhone

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Delta-Homes: old browser hijacker again in the wild

If you want to protect your browsers from unauthorized changes, do not hesitate to implement a spyware removal tool because delta-homes.com is back in town. The search engine promoting this search provider hit a lot of computer users in June, 2013. A month or two later, the interest in the browser hijacker decreases, according to Google Trend. It suggests that less computer got infected. In October 2013, delta-homes.com almost lost the interest of computer years. However, since November 2013 to the present, the search engine has again gained computer users’ interests.

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Plastic surgery app for children: why did we need them?

Another reflection about something. This time about a plastic surgery application for children aged nine and over. Actually, there are two applications that have been available on the App Store and Google Play. They are called Plastic Surgery for Barbie and Plastic Surgery for Barbara. The latter is still available on the App Store. Each game is about a chubby girl who can undergo a cosmetic operation and become a such skinnier girl.  My question is: is it appropriate for our children? Would you let your child to “make” plastic surgeries?

Is this your idol?

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I am doing this, I am do in that or stay tuned on Twitter

Browsing through the Daily Mail on the Internet, I came across a brief article on self-obsession, also known as narcissism. The term narcissism was suggested back in 1898 by Havelock Ellis. The term refers to a young person who fell in love with his own reflection and later on was to turn it to the flower. In the present days, we label it as selfishness and self-obsession, and it is a state that is typical of both men and women.

The article that I want to refer to discusses a very hot issue – a desire to post status updates on Twitter and Facebook. According to the researchers mentioned in the article, people crave followers on Twitter. And their approval, of course. It is also argued that the self-obsessed are likely to tweet more regularly than vain adults (I agree that people want to share things on Facebook, but why should they be called vain?).


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Don’t judge a book by its cover or what does nationzoom.com do?

I do sometimes judge books by their covers. I think such situations occur very often in daily life, and one of the fields which I want to discuss in this post is the Internet. Computer users want quality; they want fancy design and functionally. Nationzoom.com is one of the search engines which do not look boring. There are multiple search engines that look lame, and I do not blame them (maybe they do not find enough partners).

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Sympathy on Facebook: where is it?

You yourself and your Facebook contacts have probably posted some news feeds which cannot be “liked” because it would be unethical. You lose your job, breake up with your partner, or have a car accident and share the news with your friends. In such cases, I wish there was some dislike button so that I can show the friend that I pity her. Sometimes you do not want to say anything but show that you sympathize with the person. Well, Facebook seems to be aware of it.

During a compassion research day held by Facebook, people were invited to provide their suggestions on how Facebook could be improved. It turned out that Facebook had been working on changing the “like” button to a new one which would you help to express sympathy. Unfortunately, it would not work on every post.  According to Dan Muriello, “A lot of people were very excited. But we made a decision that it was not exactly the right time to launch that product. Yet”.

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