Vosteran Search: is it safe?

Vostaran.com is a search engine, and you can access it easily as any other website. The search engine features an appealing interface, which may trick a lot of people into thinking that it proves that the search engine is reliable. The Vosteran search generates some sponsored links on the search results page, and those links should be avoided. Websites advertised by the search engine are not endorsed, which suggests that the content of some of the websites might be inappropriate or irrelevant to the search term. There are many malicious websites that are advertised by websites such as Vosteran.com, which is why it is advisable to ignore those links.

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Websearches.com: what is this?

Here I am again with another post on a search engine which you should stay away from. I want to discuss webssearches.com, which looks like any regular search engine and may even seem to be reliable due to four links to well-known websites. The search engine webssearches.com can become your home page and search provider. Yes, you can set it manually, but did you know that it could replace your home page without your interference? It can happen when your computer gets infected with a browser hijacker promoting this search provider. You have probably read tens of articles on online security or are going to do so. If you are, you will find a lot of advice on how to prevent malware, and one of them is a piece of antimalware. That’s right, you have to keep the system protected; otherwise, say good bye to your private information.

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Oh, sweet-page.com, how sweet are you?

Sweet-page.com, also known as Sweet page, is a search engine, and this search provider is promoted by a browser hijacker. The search engine has changes since the beginning of the year 2014. At the moment of writing, Sweet-page.com offers you links to popular websites and features three advertisements promoting online games and other services. Every time the search engine is reloaded, new advertisements are provided. Continue reading

If you have the right to choose, choose to remove istart.webssearches.com

If you need money, establish a company, create a search engine, profit from advertising and live easy life. Istart.webssearches.com is part of the search engine webssearches.com, owned by EMG Technology Limited. The search engine is promoted by several browsing hijackers, including key-find.com, which redirects computer users to search.webbsearches.com. It is important to remove istart.webssearches.com, which should be done using a spyware removal tool.



Judging from the start-up page of webssearches.com, it may seem that EMG Technology is very user-oriented. The search engine provides computer users with links to popular websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, MSN, Yahoo, and Ebay. But is that all what webssearches.com can offer?

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Bueno Search: a wolf in sheep’s clothing or how to remove it

Bueno Search, or buenosearch.com, is a search engine which is distributed by a browser toolbar. The application works on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The issue regarding the distribution of the toolbar and the changes made of the browsers is not new. Bueno Search is known to have gained speed in September 2013.  However, a month later the the interest in the search engine decreased. It continued until December 2013. A month later, another wave of users’  interest in the search engine was noticed.

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Delta-Homes: old browser hijacker again in the wild

If you want to protect your browsers from unauthorized changes, do not hesitate to implement a spyware removal tool because delta-homes.com is back in town. The search engine promoting this search provider hit a lot of computer users in June, 2013. A month or two later, the interest in the browser hijacker decreases, according to Google Trend. It suggests that less computer got infected. In October 2013, delta-homes.com almost lost the interest of computer years. However, since November 2013 to the present, the search engine has again gained computer users’ interests.

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Don’t judge a book by its cover or what does nationzoom.com do?

I do sometimes judge books by their covers. I think such situations occur very often in daily life, and one of the fields which I want to discuss in this post is the Internet. Computer users want quality; they want fancy design and functionally. Nationzoom.com is one of the search engines which do not look boring. There are multiple search engines that look lame, and I do not blame them (maybe they do not find enough partners).

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