Websearches.com: what is this?

Here I am again with another post on a search engine which you should stay away from. I want to discuss webssearches.com, which looks like any regular search engine and may even seem to be reliable due to four links to well-known websites. The search engine webssearches.com can become your home page and search provider. Yes, you can set it manually, but did you know that it could replace your home page without your interference? It can happen when your computer gets infected with a browser hijacker promoting this search provider. You have probably read tens of articles on online security or are going to do so. If you are, you will find a lot of advice on how to prevent malware, and one of them is a piece of antimalware. That’s right, you have to keep the system protected; otherwise, say good bye to your private information.

The browser hijacker promoting webssearches.com can replace the home page with several websites. One of them is istart.webssearches.com.  Both variations are capable of displaying advertisements, which you cannot remove but have to put up with. For example, webssearches.com shows advertisements on the startup page. Some of them are like to be aimed to entertain you, i.e. they promote online games. Nevertheless, webssearches.com is not liable for those advertisements because they belong to certain third parties, and webssearches.com does not accept responsibility for those third parties.

webssearches.com home page

webssearches.com home page

As to the browser hijacker that messes up with your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, it also tampers with the shortcuts of those browsers. Every shortcut has a Target line, which can be accesses by right-clicking on the shortcut and selecting Properties. If an additional URL is added to the data in the Target line, the browser loads that given page every time you double-click on the shortcut. Well, this is what websearches.com does. It attempts to make you use webssearches.com, which may provide you with questionable search results.

Do not get surprised if the browser new tabs are slightly changed. If they contain some links, it means that Quick Start, or New Tab (depending on what browsers you use), is installed. And webssearches.com is the one to blame.

In order to restore the former browser settings, you have to remove the webssearches.com browser hijacker. It can try removing the program manually, by removing the Target line and changing the settings manually, or you can install a spyware and malware removal program. If you do not have reliable security program, it is worth considering the possibility of installing some powerful antimalware software.


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