Why should you remove istartsurf.com ?

Little have I written recently but this time I want to warn you about istartsurf.com, one of the latest browser hijackers that have altered the settings of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox in many countries.

istartsurf.com is a seemingly useful search engine, and you may think in the same way, because the search engine features  three  tabs containing links to popular websites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, and some others that I do not know, to tell the truth.

The search engine can be set as the home page and default search provider when browsing insecure websites, including P29P files exchange websites and those that are only for adults (if ya know what I mean).

In addition to the changes within the browsers, some unwanted program may be installed on the computer. The odds are that the so-called browser hijacker istartsurf.com will install FastStart, which alters the new tabs of Mozilla Firefox, or Quick Start, which is compatible with Google Chrome.

If you have ever dealt with a questionable program and sought professional technical support to solve the issue, you might have been warned that you should never trust program that are installed without your interference because such programs are usually aimed at stealing your credential information and then money.

istartsurf.com retrieves Google results, which implies that you might trust this search provider, but is it really so? Google.com is accessible to everyone from various locations, and there is no need to keep the browsers modified by some dubious program especially when it is capable of altering the browser shortcuts without your knowledge.

If you a computer-savvy user, you may suspect that this browser hijacker might have altered the shortcuts of Internet Explorer and other browsers. However, an unsuspecting user may only try to change the home page and fail every time.

The same behavior is exhibited by rather old browsers hijackers such as qone8.com, webssearches.com, v9.com, and istart123.com, all of which provide computer users with third-party advertisements, and istartsurf.com is NO exception.


istartsurf.com displays advertisements that may take you to malicious websites. You may be misled into installing security programs, system optimization programs, and other questionable software, which may turn out to be aimed at monitoring you and stealing your personal information.

But YOU can stop it. And do not wait. Remove istartsurf.com from your browsers as soon as you can until it is not too late.

Here is how you should edit your browser shortcut

1.       Right-click on a shortcut.

2.       Select Properties and open the Shortcut tab.

3.       Delete the URL of the search engine and save the changes.

Now you should alter the settings of the browsers but I recommend using an anti-spyware program so that you can have istartsurf.com removed and the computer shielded from various threats.


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