Oh no! Ellen DeGeneres takes the wrong phone

If you are a fan of Ellen DeGeneres (and the Oscar Ceremony),  you must know the viral picture taken backstage. Happy, beautiful people are smiling at a mobile device. What device? Well, Samsung was one of the sponsors of the even. It sponsored a series of backstage selfies. However, it turned out that the famous selfie that hit the record on Twitter was taken on an iPhone. O-M-G!!!

Samsung vs iPhone

Samsung vs iPhone

Earlier that day, Ellen tweeted from an iPhone, too. It is said that the celebrity is a fan of iPhone. So if you have a phone in your pocket, you use it, right?  Moreover, some other pictures of DeGeneres were posted using an Android device.

Ellen DeGeneres was not the only celebrity busted using the wrong device for promotional purposes.  Oprah Winfrey, or whoever administrated her Twitter account, was also noticed to post a Tweet praising Microsoft’s Surface Tablet from an iPad. However, it was soon noted that at the time, no official Twitter app for Windows 8 was available.

So, back to Ellen. What is more important here? The rival between two modal device makers or the fact that a single picture managed to take down Twitter’s server before the event was over?


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