Bueno Search: a wolf in sheep’s clothing or how to remove it

Bueno Search, or buenosearch.com, is a search engine which is distributed by a browser toolbar. The application works on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The issue regarding the distribution of the toolbar and the changes made of the browsers is not new. Bueno Search is known to have gained speed in September 2013.  However, a month later the the interest in the search engine decreased. It continued until December 2013. A month later, another wave of users’  interest in the search engine was noticed.

Bueno Search-home page

Bueno Search is know to be identical to some other search engine. They are only-search.com and doko-search.com.


Bueno Search may also seem to the dream tool. Have you every wondered how nice it would be to customize the background of the start-up page? If you can customize the design of your debit card, why cannot you do it on Bueno Search? The search engine allows you to change the background and  add links to your most visited websites.

Bueno Search-customize wall Bueno Search- white horse

Additionally, you can also access Amazon and a collection of popular websites. This feature belongs Woolik Technologies. When you click on the Top sites button below the address bar,  not only are you provided with popular website; you also find a web banner. Different products or services can be advertised by Woolik Technologies, and if you do not want to suffer from sad consequences (such as data loss or computer infections), simply ignore those ads.

The search engine Bueno Search openly promotes its advertising service. It is claimed that the search engine can increase the clients’ bottom lines by delivering display advertisements and sponsored links to the visitors of the search engine. If you have Bueno Search on your browsers, you have probably noticed that every time you launch the browser, a different display ad is generated on the start-up page. My advice is to ignore the advertisements because Bueno Search does not control the websites advertised. The developers of the search engine are not liable for the damage or loss caused to you because of your interaction with third party websites.

Some computer users may think that Bueno search is a browser hijacker. Usually,  browser hijacking occurs when the user is not informed or asked permission to change the settings of the browsers, which is a serious violation of one’s privacy. In any case, the removal of Bueno Search should not take much time. How? The answer is very simple: implement a reputable spyware removal tool.

It is not a secret that you can uninstall the Bueno Search toolbar. Then you should edit the settings of the browser. But that is very time consuming. Moreover, some files may remain within the system after uninstalling the program.


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