Delta-Homes: old browser hijacker again in the wild

If you want to protect your browsers from unauthorized changes, do not hesitate to implement a spyware removal tool because is back in town. The search engine promoting this search provider hit a lot of computer users in June, 2013. A month or two later, the interest in the browser hijacker decreases, according to Google Trend. It suggests that less computer got infected. In October 2013, almost lost the interest of computer years. However, since November 2013 to the present, the search engine has again gained computer users’ interests.

based on Google Trend

based on Google Trend


Delta-Homes is identical to,, and some other search provider. The source code suggests that,, and are based on the same template. However, it is also possible that all these search engines are created by the same developers.

In order to prevent manual changes on the browsers, the browser hijacker modifies the shortcut of the browsers. Every shortcut that you use to open the browser has a target line on the Shortcut tab. The line contains a link to the browser. The aim of the browser hijacker is to make you use Delta-Homes, so the link to the search engine is added to the target line. When changing the settings manually, it is important to delete the unnecessary URL; otherwise the changes will have no use.

Delta-Homes is also supported by third parties. The proof of it is various advertisements displayed on the startup page. Every time you reload the website, a new advertisement is displayed. Malware researchers recommend ignoring those ads because some of them may take the user to phishing websites. However, it is important to point out that there might be reliable ads, some of which may be related to social issues.

Nevertheless, the search engine Delta-Homes hijacks browsers surreptitiously, without any warning. This type of privacy violation should not be disregarded, so if you want to prevent data loss or some other adverse results related to your interaction with the malicious search provider, remove Delta-Homes from the computer.

Delta-Homes is a complex threat. It installs BrowserProtect, which does not allow the user to make manual changes. The application is commonly used by free programs; hence, if BrowserProtect is found in the Task Manager, I suggest removing it straight away.

Delta-Homes should not remain on your browsers, and if you want to try removing it manually, do not forget to edit the Target line:

Right-click on the shortcut – > Properties – > Shortcut

After editing the shortcuts of the browsers, change the settings of the browsers.

But I also want to draw your attention to the security issue. If your computer has gotten infected, it means that the system is vulnerable to all types of computer threats. Today you are struggling with the browser hijacker; tomorrow you may have to deal with a more vicious threat.

In order to prevent similar instances in the future (and remove Delta-Homes), a powerful anti-spyware tool should be used.


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