Plastic surgery app for children: why did we need them?

Another reflection about something. This time about a plastic surgery application for children aged nine and over. Actually, there are two applications that have been available on the App Store and Google Play. They are called Plastic Surgery for Barbie and Plastic Surgery for Barbara. The latter is still available on the App Store. Each game is about a chubby girl who can undergo a cosmetic operation and become a such skinnier girl.  My question is: is it appropriate for our children? Would you let your child to “make” plastic surgeries?

Is this your idol?

Former British Assocation of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons president Nigel Mecer responded to the application by saying that it is “sexist and disturbing”. The children can perform an operation utilizing scalpels, liposuction cannulas, and other equipment in order to fix a patient. He referred to the application as not being “socially responsible”.

There are so many social issues that affect young children and shape their worldview. Where are we going, people? Young girls tend to upload their pictures to Facebook and Instagram, where they wear little clothes in order to get approval from their peers. Those who are not as skinny as they would like to be attempt to lose ways in lots of drastic ways, which leads to sad consequences. Mentally disturbed youth – is it all what our society want to rely on in the following decades?

It is a shame that software makers seek to acquire more users, advertise various programs, and earn money in this morally wrong way.


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