I am doing this, I am do in that or stay tuned on Twitter

Browsing through the Daily Mail on the Internet, I came across a brief article on self-obsession, also known as narcissism. The term narcissism was suggested back in 1898 by Havelock Ellis. The term refers to a young person who fell in love with his own reflection and later on was to turn it to the flower. In the present days, we label it as selfishness and self-obsession, and it is a state that is typical of both men and women.

The article that I want to refer to discusses a very hot issue – a desire to post status updates on Twitter and Facebook. According to the researchers mentioned in the article, people crave followers on Twitter. And their approval, of course. It is also argued that the self-obsessed are likely to tweet more regularly than vain adults (I agree that people want to share things on Facebook, but why should they be called vain?).


There is a lot of research carried on how narcissists behave on Facebook and Twitter, and the results show that Facebook and Twitter are preferred by particular age groups. For example, Elliot Panek argues that middle-age people are more keen on using Facebook for showing off and getting approval from their peers, whereas college students have been found to be using Twitter more.

Another interesting fact I have come across is the term Millenials. If you were born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s, then you are one of Millenials, and such people, including me, are said to post Facebook statuses regularly and “are less likely to reflect narcissistic motives”. It is believed that narcissism related to Facebook is more related to Generation X, the generation born after the Western Post War II baby boom, than Millenials. It is argued that we, Millenials, have grown up with Facebook, just like our parents grew up with phone, which is why we are as not passionate about posting pictures or updates Facebook and Twitter.

But take other instances of narcissism. For example, a woman how married herself. Yes. This is serious. This self-marriage issue was reported to be very important to her, which lead to her happiness and joyfulness. Hmmm… You see how serious loving your own identity is? It’s just some food for thought.

Disclaimer: I do not own the picture. it’s acquired from Google images.


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