Don’t judge a book by its cover or what does do?

I do sometimes judge books by their covers. I think such situations occur very often in daily life, and one of the fields which I want to discuss in this post is the Internet. Computer users want quality; they want fancy design and functionally. is one of the search engines which do not look boring. There are multiple search engines that look lame, and I do not blame them (maybe they do not find enough partners).

But is a search engine which looks appealing; it has an intricate logo and a bunch of links that you may like very much if you are hooked on Facebook, Twitter, eBay, online gaming websites, and so on. All those guys behind seem to be aware of the current trends and people’s addiction to social networking. And they must known how people detest those who attempt to take control over their computers.

Start-up page

If your internet explorer has ever been hijacked just out of the blue, you know the feeling. And unfortunately, can hijack your browsers. Nothing wrong is going to happen if you access just as a regular website, despite the fact that some cookies may be sent to your browsers, but if you try installing various free program, which means that you browse the websites that may have questionable reputation, your browsers may easily get hijacked. Just like so!


When is set as the home page and search provider, you have to pay attention to the search hits that are displayed on the search results page. Sponsored links, which are not controlled and monitored by, may give you a headache because some of them may take you to completely irrelevant domains. The sponsored links are displayed so that and the websites that are visited earn money. More visitors equal more money but for computer user it’s a bit different – more suspicious links equal more danger. Most of all, has no control over the content of the websites to which you are taken.

More specifically, the search results are provided by Yahoo. There is no logic, you may think. If you can use Yahoo, why should you use All depends on you, but I recommend that you remove from your browsers. If you do not trust me, trust those people who know their job.

Now when I know that is promoted by a browser hijacker, I am not going to replace my present search provider with a new one.

If you like installing various programs, please read the license agreement before clicking on the Next/Accept button for your own sake. But if it is too late, just rid the browses of the annoying search engine.


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