Sympathy on Facebook: where is it?

You yourself and your Facebook contacts have probably posted some news feeds which cannot be “liked” because it would be unethical. You lose your job, breake up with your partner, or have a car accident and share the news with your friends. In such cases, I wish there was some dislike button so that I can show the friend that I pity her. Sometimes you do not want to say anything but show that you sympathize with the person. Well, Facebook seems to be aware of it.

During a compassion research day held by Facebook, people were invited to provide their suggestions on how Facebook could be improved. It turned out that Facebook had been working on changing the “like” button to a new one which would you help to express sympathy. Unfortunately, it would not work on every post.  According to Dan Muriello, “A lot of people were very excited. But we made a decision that it was not exactly the right time to launch that product. Yet”.

facebook sympathy

Well I do disagree. If they can replace the existing button with a new one, why cannot they add a new one to the “like” button? It is argues that the “sympathize” button would change to the “like” button only when the user add a particular emotion from the fixed list to her post.

This is how Facebook sees things. What do you think?


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