What are the most frequent Adobe passwords?

When creating a new account (no matter on what website) you have to come up with (1) some username and (2) a very strong password. How often do you choose to use a complex combination of capitalized letters, and numbers, and especially random letter? Pretty hard to memorize it, huh? The research on Adobe passwords has revealed that “123456” is the most popular passwords, and about 1.89 million users use the sequence, which helps attackers to achieve their goals.


On 4th October, about 2.9 million accounts were compromised. At the end of the month, the figure was revised, and the revision revealed that more than 150 million accounts were stolen. Security researcher Jeremi Gosney reacted to this security issue and attempted to look through the passwords that were the most popular. And here is what he found:

1)      123456

2)      123456789

3)      Password

4)      Adobe123

5)      12345678

6)      Qwerty

7)      1234567

8)      111111

9)      Photoshop

10)   123123

Other popular passwords you can find HERE.

According to the report on BBC, “Adobe has now shut down all the compromises accounts, saying it will only reopen them once passwords have been changed”.

It is pointed out that people tend to reuse the password for different services which is advantageous for attackers because once they learn about the identity of the user, they can access other accounts.

Have you ever tried a difficult password? The date of your first kiss, child’s birth, or the like? The more complex the password is, the safer you are, so change your easy-to-guess passwords to some more sophisticated ones.


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