Tags are all around you

What do you think of when you hear the word tag? Instagram, Facebook, or Google Plus? All these social networking websites have been using the so-called tags for a while, and some creative people have already found how to use the tag differently. Soon we will be able to view an object and find information about it in no time. Recently, Mike Lynch has announced about Taggar, a mobile application which links real objects with digital media. Similarly to the QR qode, the application “reads” the object and you are given a video or taken to some web page related to that object. According to the report, different objects in our environment, including public buildings, museums, and other objects, will become tagged so that you can dive in multimedia.

Rory Cellan-Jones reports that the team that has built this technology is the same people who worked with Google Glass. With Tagger on Google Glass, you can read a cookery book and access a video recipe, glance at a thermometer and be taken to a weather forecast.

Wearable technology has a lot of room for improvement, and Taggar is just a small part of what we can have. For more information about the issues that the team working on Tagger has to deal with, click here.


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