Hello World and goodbye Aartemis

My first blog is about technology or rather computers and the Internet. Today’s topic is aartimis, a search engine, which you can access directly from any internet browser. The reason why I want to talk about this search engine which looks rather interesting and attractive is that it is distributed in unacceptable ways. Aartemis, or aartemis.com, is reported to hijack Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, which results in the changes of the home page, new tab, and search provider.

Aaartemis is distributed by insecure websites and unreliable computer applications. For example, it can corrupt the settings when you click on some insecure link on adult or other unreliable website.

The search results are provided by Yahoo, which means that aartemis does not have its unique search engine. Along with the search hits, numerous advertisements are displayed, all of which are likely to be provided because of the pay-per-click method. The bigger the number of clicks is, the bigger the revenues are.

pay per click

Yahoo sponsored ads are provided according to different criteria, which may vary during every browsing session. For example, they may be based on the content of the websites you are visiting or even on predictions about your interest, and these speculations are acquired by monitoring your visits to websites.

Yahoo claims that they attempt to provide you with advertisements which are as relevant to the search term as possible, but there can always be some exceptions. You may be taken to an insecure website, which implies that Aartemis should not be tolerated for a long time.


Aartemis collects information so that the service can be improved, and the information is said to be anonymous; nevertheless, there is a risk that you will accidentally expose your identity, which may have some negative results.

Aartimis is associated with qvo6.com, qone8.com, and portaldosite.com. It is so because all these so-called browser hijackers alter the settings of the shortcuts. They modify the Target line by adding a certain string of characters so that after you reset the browsers no changes are applied. However, due to the complexity of the browser hijackers, malware experts suggest automatic removal.

Automatic removal means that Aartemis, or aartemis.com, will be eliminated by a spyware removal tool; you only need to find the right anti-spyware tool which is capable of removing Aartemis from the browsers. Moreover, application should also be powerful enough to protect the system, so do not hurry to download any software program.


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