Vosteran Search: is it safe?

Vostaran.com is a search engine, and you can access it easily as any other website. The search engine features an appealing interface, which may trick a lot of people into thinking that it proves that the search engine is reliable. The Vosteran search generates some sponsored links on the search results page, and those links should be avoided. Websites advertised by the search engine are not endorsed, which suggests that the content of some of the websites might be inappropriate or irrelevant to the search term. There are many malicious websites that are advertised by websites such as Vosteran.com, which is why it is advisable to ignore those links.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T535: is it a good bargain?

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming… No, it’s not the famous Coca Cola commercial. But Christmas is really coming, and I have started thinking of a present I am going to give myself. This year I want to praise and award myself with a tablet. To tell you the truth, I know little about this specific technology because I have never needed on, so here I am writing a public confession that I need help from my readers.


I have been thinking about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (T535), which seems sleek and elegant (and light), and, most important, has the 3G technology, which is one of the main factors I am interested in. The device supports Wi-Fi and has a 1.2 GHz processor. Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has a 1.5 GB memory and supports MicroSD cards up to 64 GB, which is very impressive. As regards the operating system, the tablet supports Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat).

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Websearches.com: what is this?

Here I am again with another post on a search engine which you should stay away from. I want to discuss webssearches.com, which looks like any regular search engine and may even seem to be reliable due to four links to well-known websites. The search engine webssearches.com can become your home page and search provider. Yes, you can set it manually, but did you know that it could replace your home page without your interference? It can happen when your computer gets infected with a browser hijacker promoting this search provider. You have probably read tens of articles on online security or are going to do so. If you are, you will find a lot of advice on how to prevent malware, and one of them is a piece of antimalware. That’s right, you have to keep the system protected; otherwise, say good bye to your private information.

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Oh, sweet-page.com, how sweet are you?

Sweet-page.com, also known as Sweet page, is a search engine, and this search provider is promoted by a browser hijacker. The search engine has changes since the beginning of the year 2014. At the moment of writing, Sweet-page.com offers you links to popular websites and features three advertisements promoting online games and other services. Every time the search engine is reloaded, new advertisements are provided. Continue reading

What kind of game player are you?

The latest research on game players in the UK has revealed that smartphones has attracted 70% of the country to play games in the past six months. The Guardian reports that the stereotype that the teenage boys play alone in their bedrooms is dead, and that new game playing tendencies have been displayed.

Interestingly, an analysis of 4,000 interviews in the UK has showed that women account for 52% of the gaming audience. Moreover, 27% of the audience are over 44 years old.

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Why should you remove istartsurf.com ?

Little have I written recently but this time I want to warn you about istartsurf.com, one of the latest browser hijackers that have altered the settings of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox in many countries.

istartsurf.com is a seemingly useful search engine, and you may think in the same way, because the search engine features  three  tabs containing links to popular websites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, and some others that I do not know, to tell the truth.

The search engine can be set as the home page and default search provider when browsing insecure websites, including P29P files exchange websites and those that are only for adults (if ya know what I mean). Continue reading

If you have the right to choose, choose to remove istart.webssearches.com

If you need money, establish a company, create a search engine, profit from advertising and live easy life. Istart.webssearches.com is part of the search engine webssearches.com, owned by EMG Technology Limited. The search engine is promoted by several browsing hijackers, including key-find.com, which redirects computer users to search.webbsearches.com. It is important to remove istart.webssearches.com, which should be done using a spyware removal tool.



Judging from the start-up page of webssearches.com, it may seem that EMG Technology is very user-oriented. The search engine provides computer users with links to popular websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, MSN, Yahoo, and Ebay. But is that all what webssearches.com can offer?

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